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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

TPM is a company-wide program that aims to improve the reliability and output of equipment.  In addition to a structured process to institute teamwork between operators, maintenance, and others throughout the company, there is an intense focus on OEE, a measure of overall equipment effectiveness.  The OEE metric calls attention to all kinds of losses involving equipment, including those related to availability, speed, and quality.

TPM has a number of benefits:

Improved plant productivity and capacity
Lower operating costs
Improved equipment lifespan
Better ability to satisfy customers

Good Candidates for TPM are organizations having one or more of the following conditions:

Critical production equipment that has limited back-up
Lost sales or late deliveries due to insufficient capacity
Work is outsourced due to insufficient capacity
High labor costs due to poor equipment performance
Extra shifts to compensate for low equipment throughput
High maintenance costs, resulting from breakdowns, disorganized maintenance activities, or emergency maintenance needs
Equipment bottlenecks