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Partners for Creative Solutions, Inc. was established in 1999 to help businesses make dramatic improvements to their performance, productivity and competitiveness.  While we tailor proposed solutions to the needs of each client, we typically create value by applying proven techniques to find, quantify, and eliminate those wastes that are preventing client companies from reaching their goals.  PCS has the knowledge and experience to raise the performance levels of a wide range of organizations, including those in manufacturing, distribution, retailing, engineering, and service industries.

After an initial assessment, our approach is to work both with the client's leadership and their improvement teams to search for waste-reduction opportunities.  Then, we lead and facilitate the projects in a "partnership" fashion with the client's staff that promotes trust and openness. 

PCS recommends and offers the training and education necessary to support all initiatives.  We work with senior management in the planning and sponsoring of critical team projects  and strive to obtain buy-in from the critical mass of stakeholders.  This ensures that solutions really work and endure for the long term.

PCS offers flexibility in scope.  We can design, plan, and facilitate comprehensive waste-reduction programs for your organization, or we can limit our focus to more narrow areas of opportunity.  The choice is yours.  We will work to meet your needs and your budget.