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Plant Relocation Sample Projects

Problem: A Fortune 500 manufacturer of machine tools needed  to consolidate an operation located in Illinois with a larger operation in Massachusetts.  Many design requirements and production methods for these mature products were undocumented, and operation of the product (double-disc grinding machines) required tremendous experience and knowledge of the grinding and abrasive-selection process.  Most of the knowledgeable employees were not willing to transfer.

Solution: A few employees were persuaded to transfer with the product line.  Since much skill and experience would be lacking at the Massachusetts factory, key employees in Illinois were interviewed in great detail.  In addition, the most technically competent sales and service personnel contributed their knowledge of this highly specialized grinding process.  Our president personally conducted the interviews, organized the information and wrote a book documenting the theory and application of the double-disc-grinding process.  After the book was distributed to appropriate employees and customers, a comprehensive training program was conducted for factory and field service personnel.  To supplement this transfer of information, several key employees who refused to transfer were retained as consultants through the transition period. 

Results: Within a year the transferred product was firmly established in its new location.  New products were introduced that increased the state-of-the-art of double-disc grinding, and major new orders were received for applications that had been impossible with previous designs.